4 Ways to Elevate Your Brew Pub Food Menu
4 Ways to Elevate Your Brew Pub Food Menu
August 30, 2022

Lots of breweries and pubs only offer drinks. While there is nothing wrong with specializing in adult beverages, it's important to provide some food options alongside the beer and cocktails being served. Food not only helps with alcohol absorption but when people are eating it helps keep them in the bar longer. Which means they'll order more drinks.

Providing food options in a bar or pub is a great way to avoid pigeonholing a successful business, while also generating additional revenue. At the same time, expanding a food menu can be a challenge. There are several ways breweries and pubs can have food available alongside their drink menus.

1. How Ventless Can Help

The first option is to go with a ventless oven. One of the biggest challenges that bars, pubs, and breweries encounter are that they are relatively short on space. A large expense in commercial kitchens is installing and maintaining the vent that goes over the oven. This can make it very difficult for a bar or brewery to expand its menu. Using ventless appliances that allow for menu variation or fit in small kitchen spaces lets businesses provide food that otherwise might not have been able to.

2. The Benefits of Ventless

There are several significant benefits of ventless ovens. First, there are no space limitations. Because they are significantly smaller, they can fit just about anywhere. Furthermore, they are easier to install because they do not have a vent. This means that bars, pubs, and we can save time and money on installation. With fewer moving parts, less can go wrong so that they can save money on their maintenance operations as well. Finally, commercial kitchen energy usage is high, but ventless ovens can help bars and pubs reduce their energy expenses. This can help a bar or brewery increase its profit margin.

3. What Is an Impingement Oven?

Another option is an impingement oven. A popular option in industrial and commercial kitchens, impingement ovens can be used in traditional bars and breweries. By circulating impinged air at high rates of speed around the food inside, cook times are reduced helping orders be served quicker. There is also minimal energy output, helping businesses as well.

4. What About Those Fried Bar Food Staples?

Fried food and bar drinks go hand-in-hand. Using a semi-automatic fryer allows businesses to produce perfectly fried food without having to employ trained fry cooks. Easy to use by anyone, semi-automatic fryers are low odor-producing meaning the bar won't smell like used oil.  Automated features allow staff to set the timer and concentrate on other things until the food is ready. They're also small enough to put on a counter so even bars without a full kitchen can use them.

Expand the Food Menu With the Latest Appliances

Ultimately, there are plenty of ways to expand a brewpub food menu. All of these appliances can help kitchens expand their menus without having to install expensive ductwork or undergo a lengthy kitchen remodel.

With access to different pieces of ventless equipment, it is possible for bars and breweries to save space, reduce costs, and still expand the food menu. Instead of unnecessarily labeling a bar or brewery as a beverage-only operation, turn it into a complete foodservice operation with the most up-to-date equipment in the industry.

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