One Source Chefs Share Their Equipment Pairings for the Future of Commercial Kitchens
One Source Chefs Share Their Equipment Pairings for the Future of Commercial Kitchens
December 14, 2023

In our previous article, Chef Peter and Chef Chris encouraged One Source customers to schedule time with them in the Test Kitchen to get hands-on with kitchen equipment.

"Our test kitchen provides you with a risk-free environment to figure out which equipment works best for you," shared Chef Chris. "Whether you're a small-scale operation or a larger establishment, there's a solution for everyone."

Innovative technologies are reshaping how kitchens operate, and the One Source Test Kitchen is a hub of culinary excellence and technological innovation. In that vein, each of the chefs recently talked about pieces of equipment that they see as essential to the future of commercial kitchens because of the technology that they employ and the fact that they work well in tandem with other equipment.

Chef Peter's Picks: Perfect Fry and Electric Ventless Ovens

As a professional who has experienced the dangerous, dirty, and overall unpleasant task of cleaning fryers, Chef Peter highly recommends the Perfect Fry for its remarkable efficiency and safety features. Traditional fryers often require meticulous attention and can pose safety risks, especially when handling large quantities of oil. The Perfect Fry addresses these concerns with its automated system and countertop fit, eliminating the need for constant supervision, and reducing risks associated with oil handling.

“It's ideal for about 80% of frying applications,” said Chef Peter. “It’s easy to use and perfect for venues like concession stands, bowling alleys, and bars.”

Chef Peter also champions electric ventless ovens, which he believes are game changers for commercial kitchens. “Traditional hoods are not only expensive but can also necessitate costly retrofitting. The electric ventless oven offers flexibility and ease of installation.” Chef Peter further explained that the Perfect Fry and electric ventless ovens work well in tandem to ensure consistency — a critical part of any foodservice operation.

Chef Chris' Favorites: Beech Ovens, Blodgett Combi Hoodini, and TurboChef Oven

The first pick for Chef Chris is Beech Ovens. Part of the Middleby Corporation, Chef Chris calls the Stone Hearth ovens “the most versatile piece of equipment because you can grill, smoke, age — beautifully.”

Another top choice for Chef Chris is the Blodgett Combi Hoodini Ventless Oven. This hood system is the ultimate in ventless hood technology, combining a catalytic converter and condensing system. It removes steam, smoke, and fumes even when cooking raw proteins. The Blodgett Combi allows chefs to cook manually and fine-tune their settings or use pre-programmed recipes for an effortless cooking process. “I like to prep overnight using the Combi Oven,” said Chef Chris. “Of course, the ventless technology makes this an essential piece in any modern commercial kitchen.”

Chef Chris pairs the Blodgett Combi Hoodini with the PLEXOR Oven from TurboChef for the best in automation. With impingement, rapid cook, and TurboVect modules that can be configured in any combination, Chef Chris experimented with the PLEXOR to refine cooking entrees without sacrificing quality.

The Blodgett Combi and the PLEXOR epitomize efficiency, proving to be a substantial labor-saving duo in the kitchen. “This is a one-person line. It is a huge labor saver, and everything about it makes things easy for chefs,” explained Chef Chris.

The innovations in kitchen technology are not just theoretical but have practical, large-scale applications. The chefs said Taffer’s Tavern leverages cutting-edge cooking technologies to ensure quality, flavor, and consistency in its menu. Jon Taffer’s vision in creating Taffer’s Tavern was to harness many of the same technological advancements that Chef Peter and Chef Chris recommended.

Embracing the Future

The equipment and technology choices by Chef Peter and Chef Chris reflect a deep understanding of the demands of modern commercial kitchens. These technologies streamline kitchen operations and enhance safety, consistency, and quality– the hallmarks of excellent culinary experiences.

There is more equipment in the One Source Test Kitchen with the same technology or its own unique technology to see. Schedule time with our chefs to learn more.

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