Pouring Profits with Beverage Programs to Boost Your Bottom Line
Pouring Profits with Beverage Programs to Boost Your Bottom Line
October 13, 2023

As we look for innovative ways to boost sales and enhance customer experiences, beverage programs have emerged as a key trend. But it's not just about having a few specialty drinks on the menu; today's savvy restaurants and hospitality establishments are investing in coffee and beer programs to provide profitable revenue streams that complement their culinary offerings.

What Makes a Beverage Program?

A comprehensive beverage program encompasses a well-curated selection of beverages designed to satisfy the tastes of a broad customer base. These could include coffee, craft beer, cocktails, mocktails, and non-alcoholic options like smoothies. The idea is to give customers such an appealing selection that the beverages become a primary reason for a visit, not just an afterthought.

Profit Margins

Beverages generally have higher profit margins compared to food items, making them a lucrative addition to your menu. The actual profit margin will vary depending on factors like your overhead expenses and pricing strategy, but you could generate a profit margin of 60% or higher for both specialty coffees and craft beer.

Coffee Programs — Not Just a Morning Affair

The popularity of coffee culture has raised the bar for quality coffee. Today's customers are looking for more than just a quick caffeine fix; they crave a complete coffee experience. Here are a few ideas to boost your coffee offerings (and revenue):

  • Espresso Bar: Offer a range of espresso-based beverages like lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas.
  • Cold Brew and Nitro Brew: Perfect for hot months or as a trendy alternative to traditional hot coffee.
  • Themed Events: Host a latte art event or something focused on a holiday. These are opportunities to get customers in the door in the afternoons or evenings, too.

Craft Beer Programs — Tapping into Success

With the rise of microbreweries and general interest in craft beers, a great beer program is a social connector that brings people together — and to you! Happy Hours are always popular, but with craft beer, customers love the unique flavors, variety, and high-quality ingredients. Here are some ideas to capture more beer business:

  • Variety: A rotating selection of craft beers can keep regulars interested and attract beer enthusiasts.
  • Pairing Opportunities: Craft beers can be paired with specific foods to elevate the dining experience.
  • Seasonal and Limited Releases: Turn seasonal and limited release beer into an event. Host a launch party and have fun with it.

Adding a beverage program with varied coffee and beer options can serve as a profitable revenue stream and a competitive differentiator. It's not just about quenching thirst; it's about providing an experience that will have customers ordering food and coming back.

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