Why Synesso May Be the Perfect Fit In Your Philly Coffee Shop
Why Synesso May Be the Perfect Fit In Your Philly Coffee Shop
May 23, 2021

Coffee is a gateway to a thriving community. The majority of consumers around the world indulge in drinking it in some form. Whether it be an iced latte or a warm mocha, having the caffeinated brew is something that many seek out in their daily routines. When staying up to date with the latest equipment, hottest drinks, and learning all of the tricks and tips baristas need to know, having simple solutions for making drinks can be effective for growing your business.

Today we're highlighting Synesso's new S-Series and detailing the long list of benefits it provides for coffee shops looking for something new.


Described as 'not your average espresso machine', Synesso's latest S-Series machine was made with 3 things in mind:

  • Easy to use with little to no training required
  • Technologically savvy
  • Increased Social Engagement

Designed to help provide service with a smile, the S-Series allows baristas to continue the conversation while crafting drinks. The idea when creating the machine was that by designing it with a lower profile, you could continue nurturing open, friendly relationships with customers. This helps increase visibility and engagement while providing a welcoming atmosphere for customers.

Made with digital shot timers, the S-Series was internally designed as an MVP Hydra machine. This means that group heads are crafted with no wear parts to provide long-term durability even through heavy usage. Individual brew boilers and programmable temperature per group head allow you to individualize multiple espresso orders at once.


Espresso machines all have one purpose, and that's to take hot water and force it through coffee grinds so that you can tamp the grounds to create the syrupy blend we all know as espresso. The S-Series has a wired handheld display that allows you to completely control the water count.

Benefits and features of Synesso's S-Series are:

  • Ambidextrous actuators that can swivel 180°. This design specifically helps baristas operate the steam valves regardless of whether they're left or right-handed, making service fluid.
  • 3-position height-adjustable drain trays make the process of installation flexible and custom for your needs.
  • 4 Magnet flow meters for increased accuracy.
  • Automatic repeatable recipes to make training easy.

Compared to other espresso machines, the S-Series provides you convenience while optimizing your ability to quickly and accurately pull espresso for the drinks being made. This reduces time spent going back and forth between one or two steam valves and increases your ability to handle large orders while focusing on consumer connection.


Is your Philly coffee shop in need of an upgrade or searching for new opportunities to increase revenue? Synesso could be the key to providing you with a reliable addition to your in-house service. Training is easy, saved recipes allow you to retain high-quality pulls with ease, and the digital display makes adjusting settings easy to read.

Contact us today to get energized with Synesso's S-Series espresso machine. At One Source Reps, our goal is to bring you innovative solutions that keep you on top of the latest trends while increasing revenue and furthering the customer experience. Everybody needs a great coffee shop to tell their friends about and pick up their daily brew from. Let us help you be Philly's go-to place for the best drip by installing equipment like the S-Series.

We want to help you develop your Philly food and beverage operation. Sign up for your free beverage consultation to have a coffee with us and figure out your personalized plan.

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